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In 1983, there has been discussion among experts that only education in the United States on how to achieve good teaching and student abilities is higher. The discussion came to the surface due to report the National Commission on Excellent in Education which states that the ability of students in the field math, reading, and science in the U.S. is always measured with standard measuring devices (standardized tests). Presumably it bothers expert career and technical education. In addition, global economic factors, demands of an increasingly competitive marketplace, technology is growing, and changing world of work is often considered as factors that influence change in curriculum Career and Technical Education (CTE). Moreover, changes in demographic character of students, and growing knowledge about how to learn and teach whatever is causing it to be effective, leading to a career and technical education experts review the basic principles and methodology of engineering education and careers.
Has long Lev Semenovich Vygotsky (1978: 118) states that his The best method to teach reading and writing is not through formal teaching in the classroom, but through the game situation. In addition, Vygotsky expressed his belief that writing and speaking skills will flourish when students immersed in language usage when students are in play situations. Thoughts expressed by Vygotsky suggests that learning language skills will be easy and exciting when students brought into the world of play that has unwittingly encourage students to using the language he had learned naturally. When the play and language That there has been a real learning process. It was said, because at the time that children are faced with the use of whole language, relate directly to the needs of the child (relevant), it faces is a functional language, the child face to face with the real purpose of speaking activities, and with the use of natural language is the child control the usage of the language.
Why does the world play so meaningful for the language learning process of children? According Edelsky (1986), if in the event an authentic language (natural) are the events that have personal meaning, impression for himself, and meaning significant for users of the language itself, there will be a transaction between reader and text reading. When the transaction took place, a reader will constantly do problem solving, and at the same time he built and improve psycholinguistic strategies used in language learning. Through this transaction readable text that serves as an intermediary for the development of reading and writing language learners. Transactions between the text and the reader is based on opinion of the concept of text Halliday and Hasan (1976:293-295) who argue that the text is a unit of interaction semantics of a language. In the text there is unity meaning by the context, a common thread that describes the relationship intact between the facts with facts from which it originates environment.
Furthermore, Vygotsky saw language learning as a cultural activity of the complex (a complex cultural activity). It was said, because in process of learning the language a child is dipped into the crater of culture that takes into introduce children to the use of language, both verbal and written. In civilized society, children are familiar with an environment full of printouts. In the environment the children interact and play with the printed matter long before he entered the school. School is a new environment that the child should continue the role of the original environment. Moreover, schools should able to develop and expand the process of immersion of children into achieving literacy skills (immersion in literacy). Schools can make an environment that is in it as a richer literacy environment of the home environment of children before. This is where teachers can be a cold-handed mediator capable of making children feel at home in school, because school transformed the atmosphere into the crater of literacy immersion richer and more appeal to children. Language in school activities is conditioned as a world filled with the atmosphere of speaking, whether oral or written, the authentic (authentic speech or literary event)....

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